Simply Solo is the newsletter for solos by solos

Co-founders Jenny Jeltes and Andy Brabender know how overwhelming it can be to start a solo law practice. Jenny has been a sole practitioner since late 2009 and Andy left his firm in mid 2012. Both experienced a whirlwind of surprising questions and a lack of solid resources when getting their firms off the ground.

Seeking answers to practical problems, they turned to books, list-serves, professors, bar associations and colleagues. What became readily apparent was that there was no well organized community of solos in the Chicago area. Jenny and Andy decided to remedy the problem of fractured knowledge and develop the single best resource for solo attorneys.

Think of all the confusion you had when starting your practice. Think of sparing others some of the anxiety and uncertainty

Office rental, credit card accounts, malpractice insurance, health insurance, scanners, printers, bank accounts, email, webpages, marketing, networking… the list goes on. All those problems you never had to worry about when you worked for someone else. Unfortunately, law school does not adequately prepare you for these concerns, the numerous “little things” that can make or break a practice.

There wasn’t a single place to turn for answers to all the questions – UNTIL NOW!

Simply Solo will provide you with an opportunity to connect with the solo community, share collective knowledge and provide a single source for interesting networking events

So, what exactly will you get when you sign up for the Simply Solo Newsletter?

You will get a newsletter containing the following information and more:

  • Practical articles written by your fellow attorneys and experts from other fields
  • A list of upcoming networking events consolidated in one place
  • Profiles featuring our member-attorneys
  • A member directory including contact information and practice areas for all members
  • A Help Wanted section for those looking for coverage and contract attorneys as well as staff

Simply Solo is more than a newsletter, it is a community.

  • Members will be invited to Simply Solo Meetups
  • Members will be able to connect with other solos in the community

Unfortunately, newsletters (even electronic ones) are not free to produce

Though we want the community to be affordable and open to all solos, software and hosting costs money and we can’t foot the whole bill ourselves. To enable all solos to participate, we have created two membership levels.

ANNUAL BASIC MEMBERSHIP is only $30 a year and  includes the following benefits:

  • Subscription to the Simply Solo Newsletter
  • A basic listing in our attorney directory
  • Access to our attorney directory
  • Invitations to Simply Solo Meetups

Click the green button below to purchase a basic membership!

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